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Add a touch of class by giving your nails
the professional treatment.

Tai at workIndulge yourself. Add a touch of luxury to your life by having your nails treated by our professional manicurist. There's nothing subtle about how great your hands will look and make you feel with a complete treatment.




Tai Painting Nails

Pamper yourself with one of our luxurious facial treatments. Deep clean and nourish your skin with our carefully chosen essential oils, enzymes, contouring masques and soothing moisturizers. Your face will glow with the radiant benefits of deep conditioning and rehydration.

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And our pedicure station is the most up-to-date, technologically innovative pipe-free system for an ultra-hygienic environment. Have a pedicure. Your feel will love you for it.

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"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous."
—Coco Chanel