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The finest hair care products to keep
your hair looking and feeling great!

We have carefully selected a range of exclusive salon and spa supplies that experience has taught us will work reliably and deliver what is promised. Feel free to consult with us about which particular products will work best for your individual needs.


Goldwell provides a unique, two-dimensional approach to haircare, offering a product line that allows customization to hair type and structure.
      The exclusive Y-Shine Complex delivers up to 40% more shine and replenishes moisture and vitamins to support the hair’s structure based on the needs of the hair’s texture and type. The Y-Shine Complex works in conjunction with plant milks and extracts specific to each hair type for truly tailor-made haircare.

Care for hair structure
• The light products deliver shine and strength to fine hair, and also provide more structure and strength for normal hair.
• The Intense products provide shine and softness for normal to thick hair.

Care for all hair types
• Color treated
• Curly (natural or permed)
• Normal to dry

Product selection based on the prevailing hair need and structure allows personalized haircare to suit clients’ specific needs. More information available at the Goldwell website.



The innovative ClayPac® ClayOns® technology offers a new dimension in hair care treatment followed by an at home shampoo & moisturizer system.
      All products are specially designed with color to correct unwanted hair tones and prevent  hair color from fading without peroxide or ammonia. Now for the first time, you can control the condition and shine of the hair while maintaining hair color tones.

ClayPac® ClayOns® Shampoos with color enhancers were designed exclusively to control haircolor fadage without using heavy stains or dyes, unlike other color enhancing shampoos. These shampoos refresh the hair color with each application.

ClayPac® ClayOns® Moisturizers with color enhancers were designed to maintain the condition of the hair at home between salon appointments. Designed to be used on a daily basis without build-up, ClayPac® ClayOns® Moisturizers will detangle, maintain brightness, tone and control fading.
      More information available at Rocco Altobelli's ClayPac website.




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