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Expert care for hair that's been damaged
or could benefit from enhancements.

Hamideh treatmentAre you happy when you look at your hair in the mirror? Or do you see problems with the color, the texture, or its overall vibrancy? There's no need to live with hair that looks any less than its very best. Come in for a consultation with one of our professionals, and get an analysis of what treatments are available to restore your hair to its natural beauty.

 When you get your hair colored by one of our professionals, you get shimmering, long-lasting hair color that looks terrific with your skin tone and eye color. And we use products and techniques that allow the hair to retain a healthy sheen and will allow it to stay manageable.

If you've used a home treatment that has ended up with results that were — let's say, not quite what you had in mind, we can restore it to its healthy lustre, then get you the exact color you want. If the strands have become brittle from over-bleaching, or the color is dull and lifeless, we can develop a course of treatment to repair and rejuvenate your hair, even though in some cases it may take a little time. That's why it's important to develop a relationship with hair care professionals who will be able to monitor your progress and take an active interest in the health and condition of your hair.

Among the techniques and skills we offer:

A custom shade created just for you, one that will complement the color your hair has now. Think you would look better with a lighter shade? Or want to add some fire with a tricky shade of red? Or thinks it might help your career to become a brunette with vibrant, natural shades of brown? We'll find the exact color for you.

Highlights take a trained eye and a sure hand. New techniques are always being developed to create looks that are natural and subtle. We stay up-to-date with the latest products and techniques, and use our artistry to make the most of them.

We think of hair in terms of total design, not simply cut, or just color. In the practiced eye of an artful stylist, all elements of a total look are considered and put in service of complementing your own individual, personal style.

Gray isn't like pigmented hair; it's coarser, thicker and harder to cover up. Our professional stylists can make gray go away, and make your new color look entirely natural, shiny, healthy and youthful.

If you consistently like to have your hair colored, you need the help of a salon which has access to products that won't damage your hair, but rather will be gentle and replenish some of the nutrients that are affected by the process.

Your hair can be one of your most valuable assets. It can convey a strong sense of who you are, reflecting your very own sense of personal style to the world. Make it one of your finest assets and keep it that way with the help of our team of experienced professional stylists.

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